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Beloved Author and Life Coach Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior” Advises on Consciousness

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New York City, New York Dec 13, 2023 ( – Celebrated author, motivational speaker, and life coach Eric North has dedicated his life to helping others find their ultimate happiness. North’s unwavering dedication to guiding his followers in finding their nonpareil solace and happiness earned him the name “The Happiness Warrior”. The author thinks that happiness is something that is a birthright of every human being and with his powerful methods, anyone can achieve that for themselves. Now he is here to guide others to creating and managing their consciousness. He says most people go through their lives making motions and submitting to the boundaries and expectations of others. People are encouraged and expected to submit to authority without any reason, coerced and shamed into bending to others’ wills and following their instructions. According to him, this ability to think and speak freely is often blocked by our lack of self-confidence and self-awareness.

Eric says this tendency makes people keep their hidden powers close but are often unsure when they can use them. This is what causes people to forget to give themselves permission to be happy and ignore the messages from the universe that are always there to guide them. He says that all it takes is a change of attitude and a mindset that they are whole and capable. It is nothing but a momentous decision to gain understanding and wisdom by forging a better path and finding fulfillment and peace in their lives. According to North, being a human means that each person has a conscious mind that guides their actions and helps them through each day. The potential is unlimited if they allow themselves to believe and feel it, it will be discovered that each one has inherent powers, something special that’s theirs alone to understand.

‘The Happiness Warrior’ says that the inner light that is often repressed and disregarded, is a spirit within that people can unleash and love as their own. It is called consciousness which is the ability to let life happen and be happy in the present. It is the consciousness that helps people choose to be themselves and learn to love who they are. With it, people can choose to question, learn, and make more informed decisions and begin to trust themselves more and listen to the messages that are always set before them. Only with consciousness, people can rise from the idea that they need to conform and never question “authority”. It also helps in adapting to change and knowing that they are capable is life-changing and self-affirming.

There are mainly five main levels or stages of consciousness that need to be understood and fully assimilated into people’s thinking to gain a higher state. The first stage is knowing that how people treat others is a reflection of how they want to be treated themselves. This is why Eric says that angry people are usually confused and lonely, making them act out on their impulses for attention and display a lack of empathy. People who live on this level can often bully their way through their lives, but they will never feel at peace or truly happy as they lack personal accountability and empathy. Their consciousness is poorly developed, which is why being able to recognize this behavior in ourselves or others is the first step to gaining higher consciousness.

The life coach says that the second step is about people being connected, gaining them perspective and comfort knowing that there are others out there who care about and support them. According to North, all humans are made of the same materials and their differences are what makes them more interesting, and their fears of otherness are always unfounded. He further mentions that the world is getting smaller and it’s in people’s abilities to see their similarities that will ultimately unite humankind. So it is important to remember that there are more good people who care than those who seek to divide people. The third stage of developing consciousness is knowing that living in the now and being present in each moment is how people gain an understanding of their place and role in the universe. So it is important to take some time each day to appreciate all that we have and what we’ve been given.

The renowned author speaks about the fourth step of developing consciousness and its close relationship with how people think and solve their problems. It is also how they learn to conquer their fears and live life fully. Consciousness is knowing that every problem has a solution and that every word people speak has meaning and intention. So it becomes important to remember that mistakes happen to everyone but it is how people take accountability and solve them that matters. Norths says that the last stage is called awakening and it is the stage that every human is seeking. This gives people the ability to see and accept themselves and others for who they are. It is also the ability to see how small people are in a vast universe in which everyone is connected. This presents a sense of awe for the power of creating a healthy mindset and perception along with the realization of what matters. So the way to achieving eternal happiness and solace is to be conscious and grateful for the ability to set an individual path. Follow Eric North for more information and wisdom at:

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