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AZTEQ Metaverse Unveils “Life” – A Ultra High Capacity Metaverse On WebGPU 

Rosmalen, Netherlands — In a groundbreaking move, AZTEQ Metaverse is set to make this Christmas extra special for tech enthusiasts and gamers around the world. Known as the award winning Web3 game engine producer, this startup is opening the doors to its highly anticipated metaverse, “Life,” just in time for the holiday season. Life promises to be a game-changer in the metaverse landscape, driven by AZTEQ’s flagship technologies, Tetra and Avenge.

The Gateway to the Future

Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, Life offers a boundless, immersive world where people can connect, create, and explore like never before. It’s the ultimate metaverse, designed to revolutionize the way we live, work, and play. Fully powered by unique blockchain technology and a tailored game engine. This game engine, Tetra, leverages Web3 and harnesses the full power of WebGPU to deliver an unmatched gaming experience. From stunning graphics to seamless gameplay, Tetra sets new industry standards for immersion and interactivity – across platforms from the web browser to mobile devices and reaching the popular consoles. Tetra promises a journey that transcends the boundaries of reality; developed to get the most out of partner solutions from NVidia.    

AZTEQ Metaverse is no stranger to blockchain innovation, Avenge, their in-house developed top layer blockchain, exemplifies this by being the backbone of their metaverse. Integrated in Life, this blockchain offers security, transparency, and decentralized features and solves challenges that giants in the industry currently face. Having built in support for dynamic digital assets that can be soulbound or tribal, Avenge brings more to the table than transmission speed and reliability; it provides a scalable platform which already has been battle tested by big brand entities. 

A Gift for the Holiday Season

AZTEQ Metaverse’s decision to unveil Life before Christmas is a testament to their dedication to delivering an exceptional experience to the community. With only days left prior to their first year’s anniversary, this public release is a metaverse as a gift that keeps on giving; for gamers, traders and content creators. Whether someone is behind their gaming console with friends, commuting to work on their phone, behind their laptop or going fully immersed using XR, Life will be where the metaverse elite meet and where the crowd goes loud these holidays. 

To kick off the road to a new era of gaming, AZTEQ is listing on central exchanges such as BitMart, Toobit, XT and already launched on Cryptology, who are hosting an exclusive AMA on the X platform, December 15th this year. As their popularity is growing with the ongoing experiences on Galxe and Zealy, AZTEQ Metaverse is collaborating with their Web3 partners Lossless, FailSafe, Flooz, SafeSwap and their impressive clients to bring joy and happiness to the gaming and blockchain communities all over the world.

The Unseen Virtual Universe

Together with game developers, content creators, modders and virtual artists, the Life metaverse will be the experience that causes awe for anyone joining and pursuing their personalized journey. Enhanced guidance with the help of artificial intelligence, Onyx, is a built in guide to new arrivals. Onyx brings a level of technical wizardry to interactions and dynamically adapts the environment for the player to their preferences and needs, making non-player characters realistic and almost sentient, the NLM technology adds another powerful evolution to accessible AI. With over two years of work in building, designing and assembling a team of best and brightest, the robust technologies from AZTEQ Metaverse and an army of partners in entertainment, fashion, security, hardware, gaming, DeFi and retail, this project is definitely worth your attention this Holiday season.

You can reach out to the AZTEQ Metaverse team through the X platform and join our community on Telegram for questions and news

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