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Award Winning Rap Artist, Nune Aka Mr. Propane Leads Fight to stopping Violence in Hip-hop with new release “Over The Influence Vol 1”

After landing his first few TV Sync Licensing Deals, Nune Aka Mr. Propane is set to be a real contender in the music Industry. His songs “Champion” and “Mr. Propane” caught the ears of multiple Publishing agencies landing him spots to get his songs aired in film and sports television. If you are wondering if this artist has the talent then those deals are all the proof you need. We were told his focus is currently on securing a Distribution Deal with the Majors. His management team Iconic Worldwide Entertainment formed by the esteemed, Michael Trammell has been a great asset. After Nune’s memorable performances in front of Empire,Rap-A-Lot, & Sony executives, he is on course for broadening his nationwide fan base. His latest live performance is currently set for the C2TV Awards 2023 in Inglewood California at the Miracle Theatre December 16, 2023.

With so many new artists competing for that chance to break out into the music industry, Nune Aka Mr. Propane has definitely found his way to get ahead of the pack. As an independent artist, he has built his portfolio to a point where he can genuinely compete with the most high profile artist charting on Billboard today. When an artist such as Nune (pronounced Noon), builds up his fan base, markets himself as a music artist, and provides high-quality music and merchandise to back it up, you can bet he will make his way to stardom.

All the building blocks have been set and we cannot wait to see what this artist accomplishes in the entertainment industry as we await his sophomore album, currently titled “Vivid Pictures”. His current Mixtape, “Over The Influence Volume I” is a skillful blend of Hip-hop, R&B, and poetic spoken word and is a fresh take on hip-hop as a whole.

During his latest Interview, Nune was asked his motivation for pursuing a career in the music industry. Without hesitation, his answer captured the essence of what it means to be an artist. Quoted as saying “Every person I know has more than one side to their personality and to be able to express your inner thoughts and feelings, opening your truth and vulnerabilities to the masses, Is therapeutic in a sense. Being able to write and perform, not only who you are presently, but that never-ending arc of becoming one with the person you are trying to become which Is all about growth. Music resonates with others who have the same general aspirations and it feels great to know that you are in sync with others across the world who can listen and Immediately hear their very own thoughts and dreams through your songs”. Nune, pronounced Noon, sees himself as a political and community activist spreading positive influence in a current music culture popularized by the violent Drill music scene where death and violence has increased significantly.

Nune Aka Mr. Propane has built an official website with news, updates on his plans, videos, and of course all the music content you can handle. He is currently managed by Iconic Worldwide Ent and released his latest single “Backstabbers ft. Fedarro” through Empire Distribution. Not only does he continue to work towards his goals but he also shares everything he has learned about the industry so that aspiring artist like himself can take advantage of to make their path easier. There is so much to like about this artist, but his character is what will cement his place in the music industry. He is currently planning his Nationwide tour amidst some of the most popular artist in the world. He has stated sharing the stage with pioneers and veterans in the music industry is a dream fulfilled.

His latest project “Over The Influence Vol 1”, currently streaming, was released and hosted by The Real DJ Spins of the Fleet Dj’s on mixtape platform Audiomack. The depth and creativity involved in the 18 song release was said to tackle the violence in the current hip-hop culture and raise awareness in subject matters that aren’t typically shared by mainstream artist. The project is rising quickly in popularity where it’s on a trajectory to break 1.5 million streams by the end of the month based on its current analytics. With influences like the late Tupac Shakur, we can understand why he has such a revolutionary approach within his music similar to the late legend who helped pioneer hip-hop music forward.


An independent artist out of Louisiana, Nune is crafting deeply poetic songs bursting with highly-relatable content. A natural storyteller, his work is filled with a variety of subject matter and carries a timeless essence. Melodic, rhythmic, and uplifting, he is offering audiences a fresh voice in hip-hop. He is an entrepreneur as alongside his career as a music artist, he is also the owner of a CBD Vape Shop, Home Inspection, and Recording Label (Propa Music And Arts Publishing, LLC). His drive as an artist is much bigger than music as he is genuinely trying to change, motivate, and uplift the hip-hop culture with positive influence, social justice, and what he calls his therapy (Soul Hop). His plan is to create a new sub-genre in Hi-hop, called Soul Hop, which focuses on positive lyrics and subject matter that brings awareness in Politics, Finance, and spirituality.


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