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Angie Wong Whistleblower case @AngieWong attorney Robert Edwin Turffs face bar complaint

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Sarasota Florida Robert Edwin Turffs faces allegations of negligence and venue shopping lodged by Stan Fitzgerald of Georgia in litigation filed regarding Angie Wong of Miami Florida

Sarasota, Florida Dec 3, 2023 ( – The Vet Voice Media Outlet has published documents from a Florida source with confirmation the Bar Complaint was filed by Stan Fitzgerald.

From the published Bar Complaint –

The charge against Mr. Robert Edwin Turffs: Negligence

Introduction to the charge against Mr. Turffs: After review by multiple lawyers the undersigned complainant has been advised the fact that Mr Turffs added the name Vlad Lemets to a complaint filed without Vlad Lemets being a defendant is “Beyond Negligent” and merits investigation by the Florida bar.

Mr Turffs Client, Madam Angie Wong aka Angie Wong SIE YING, is already a defendant in multiple Georgia litigations over the same facts contained in Turffs filed complaint. The same website Turffs pulled his screenshots from, which he used in his complaint, also clearly shows a Judicial court order was entered in Georgia based on the evidence. He would presumably also know Madam Wong’s attorneys have filed motions in Georgia and its an active ongoing case Wong is litigating warranting a motion to dismiss his case. Turffs is hereby also charged with Venue Shopping based on these facts.

Turffs ignored evidence on the same website proving his complaint materially false and also negligence on his part. As an experienced attorney who read the evidence, which he screenshot and attached to his complaint, he would see it was clearly indicated police reports were filed in Georgia pertaining to Madam Wong’s thoroughly proven acts, FBI reports were filed based on Madam Wong’s thoroughly proven acts and FEC Complaints were filed Madam Wong’s thoroughly proven acts all with jurisdiction in Georgia. Turffs would know as an experienced attorney this raises a motion to dismisses for forum non covenies as multiple Georgia law enforcement agents from multiple agencies will be called in the Georgia case.

On May 9th 2008 the Sarasota Herald Tribune ran a quote about Mr Turffs strategy in the practice of law. The quote is as follows: “If one buys into all of Turffs’ arguments, you would seem to buy into an outrageous suggestion that a settlement agent can do illegal and unethical acts as part of the handling of a real estate closing as long as there is no apparent harm done,” said James Palmer in an e-mail message sent to the Herald-Tribune after the trial. “If you accept the argument, you must first forget that the settlement agent, as in this case, is a lawyer and officer of the court and has fiduciary responsibilities.

November 18, 2008 in the online reviews attached to Robert Edwin Turffs is a negative review post stating quote: Complaint to FL bar Considering Malpractice suit –

The Florida bar website does not show this complaint mentioned online from 2008 and our national Veterans organization, representing tens of millions of veterans, which his client Madam Angie Wong has defamed, in Georgia, would expect the bar to do a much more thorough investigation into this new complaint with more public transparency. We request to be notified of all hearings and procedures the bar takes now going forward so we can have our representatives and legal team present as observers into this negligent conduct by your member.

The complaint goes on with multiple pages of evidence and can be viewed at in the news section. The website publishes news with the Vet Voice media company

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Source :Vet Voice Media

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