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Angie Wong @AngieWong lawsuit response reveals FBI investigation into Wong

Angie Wong smiles with communist dictator

Angie Wong , the embattled former Legacy PAC President , Former BlakPAC President and Epoch Times partner gets unexpected reply in court filing showing evdidence turned over to the FBI

Miami, Florida Dec 29, 2023 ( – RE: Angie Wong VS JARED CRAIG, STAN FITZGERALD, and PATRICK COLLIs.

Docket: 2023 CA 015235-XXXA-MB
Filing # 188261831 E-Filed 12/18/2023 03:33:13 PM

Docket Source:

An answer to Angie Wong’s complaint was filed in the circuit court of the 15th Judicial Circuit in Palm County Florida on behalf of Jared Craig, Stan Fitzgerald and Patrick Collis.

Reasons for dismissal were stated as Affirmative Defense: Wong failed to state a cause of action for Page 1, #1 – no facts were stated that anyone in Palm Beach county saw the publications on the internet or that she was in some way damaged in Palm Beach county.

#2 No facts were stated that demonstrate actual malice on the part of the defendants

Page 2, #3 Statements involve matters of public concern regarding a public figure

#4 Alleged defamatory statements were made during a judicial proceeding (In Georgia)

#5 Statements had a qualified privilege to be made as news reports (VFAF Vet Voice Media)

#7 Complaint should be dismissed as filed in Improper Venue

Page 3, #11 Angie Wong Plaintiff is Venue Shopping – Wong is already a defendant in two Georgia cases:

A) America First Legacy PAC v. Angie Wong (Civil Action SUV2023000996): Petition for
Tortious Interference with Business, Defamation/Libel, Conversion of Property, Trover, Temporary Protective Order/Injunction, and Attorney’s Fees. Filed August 22,
B) And L-Strategies, LLC v. Angie Wong (Civil Action SUV2023000784): Complaint for Compensatory and Punitive Damages, Equitable Relief, and Attorney’s Fees. Filed June 30, 2023.

Wong already voluntarily removed her Georgia cases to federal district court In Georgia thereby choosing her forum.

Page 4, #17 Wong entered into agreements without authority and received kickbacks for her personal use.

Page 6, #19 Wong was not pressured to sign a non-disclosure, Wong was offered a way out to save her own reputation
Also SEE:

On pages 7, #22, and #23 Wong systematically attacked L-Strategies and Legacy PAC, all witness statements against Wong and Published in the press were factual (and part of curing the damage Wong inflicted).

Page 8, #26 Angie Wong’s conduct that equated to criminal activity was forwarded to Law Enforcement including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Federal Election Commission. All reports and evidence including audio-recorded witness statements were delivered to law enforcement.

Page 9, #28 Angie Wong was not employed as a journalist at any time while associated with Fitzgerald and Craig but was actually paying for appearances on various cable news shows. Defendants have no duty to conceal or defend Wong’s illegal activities or malfeasance. #29 Wong does not obtain access to media appearances due to her reputation she pays for them #30 Wong continues to appear on paid media hits illustrating no damage has been done to her ability to participate as a customer in shows.

Page 12 #32 On a recorded call Wong’s Media Booker, Joshua Delano, admitted Wong was to personally benefit. When the true character of the bad actor is exposed they are not protected by Law. When Wong was discovered to have stolen funds, embezzled assets, misrepresented contracts to clients, and then defamed the reputation of Craig, Fitzgerald, and Collis it was reasonable for all defendants to defend false allegations with the truth.

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Source :15th Judicial circuit in Palm County Florida

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