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Accessible Care: Gordon Street Chiropractic Ctr in Guelph Creates Healthy Families with Gentle Treatments and Nutritional Advice

Guelph, ON – The human spine comprises complex joints, vertebrae, muscle groups, and discs that allow the spine to bend, twist, and turn. The spine also hosts the spinal cord and major nerves running through the vertebral spaces to the rest of the body. This only means that a subluxation (slight spinal misalignments) or a dislodged/herniated disc will press against the nerve root and create neurological weakness in the extremities and chronic aches.

Like conventional medicine, scientific principles of diagnosis through empirical observations and testing inform chiropractic. However, traditional medicine focuses on treating the disease once it occurs, while chiropractic care improves a patient’s health to avoid illness, pain, or discomfort. Ultimately, chiropractors seek to restore the body to its natural state and remove things interfering with its healing ability. Gordon Street Chiropractic Ctr treats day-old infants, older adults, athletes, children, and adults living active or sedentary lifestyles.

Chiropractic care is a drug-free alternative to pain management, decreased range of motion, and conditions like PMS, asthma, headaches, or carpal tunnel. It also intervenes in injury recovery and rehabilitation following birthing defects, auto accidents, falls, and personal injuries. Drs. Matthew Corradetti and Bill Adams, principled chiropractors at Gordon Street Chiropractic Ctr, use manual or instrument-assisted techniques to deliver small but focused force to spinal components, shifting them back into position. An initial evaluation analyzes a patient’s spinal alignment, checking for imbalances causing health challenges before treatment begins.

The guelph chiropractor may recommend stretching and strengthening exercises for patients with stiff ligaments, frequent injuries, tight muscles, and chronic pain. Exercises like shoulder rolls, cobra stretches, spinal bridges, lower back stretches, chin tucks, and more improve blood circulation, control swelling, ease muscle spasms, maintain balance and preserve musculoskeletal alignment. Alternatively, the team may combine an adjustment with therapeutic massage techniques to improve patients’ quality of life. Soft tissue manipulation helps an injured body part heal itself while removing inflammatory substances that cause prenatal discomfort, sleep problems, circulatory disorders, and more.

Gordon Street Chiropractic Ctr believes that a broader approach to health produces better results. For this reason, the team leverages an integrated method of physical wellness with whole-body treatments that encourage nutritional changes, relaxation, meditation, mental/physical exercise, and positive reinforcement. The chiropractor advises patients to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes three or four times a week, eat simple meals packed with fruit, fibre, and vegetables, lessen their dependence on coffee and sweets, limit alcohol consumption, quit smoking, and avoid fast food.

About Gordon Street Chiropractic Ctr.

Gordon Street Chiropractic Ctr helps patients regain control of their lives from mobility issues, chronic pain, and discomfort by re-educating the body into proper movement/function. Led by Drs. Matthew Corradetti and Bill Adams, the team regularly attends continuing education seminars to update their skills and knowledge.

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