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A Gardner Pro Se Dad Places Evidence of Judge Fraud in Burmaster Suit & And Brings Summons onto Chief Judge Droege

Chief Judge Charles Droege Was Placed in a Section 1983 Lawsuit 2:23-CV02536 on Dec 5, 2023

Kansas City, Kansas Dec 7, 2023 ( – A Kansas fathers wrongful removal almost 2 years ago from a co-parenting picture stripped him of his title of ‘dad’. The Kansas dad now has returned, and stood up boldly in the Kansas high court as a pro se attorney and left a massive wreckage path of dad fury as a hierarchy of misconduct answers to accountability. The dads offense run in the court has resulted in over $21 million dollars sought in damages of multiple federal complaint filings in civil rights lawsuits from Gardner KS father, Matthew Aaron Escalante. The suits bring an unprecedented amount of claims against a hierarchy of state court officers, including the Chief judge. The lawsuits allege constitutional rights violations, deprivations and an intricately described conspiracy to interfere and racketeering scheme alleged to have been in place by the Court against the best interests his children’s rights.

The first lawsuit names a district judge for allegedly issuing a fraudulent protective order in 2022 that deprived them of due process and taken his liberty. The judge faces a potential default judgment for failing to respond to the allegations in a week. An investigation is ongoing in tandem by the USPS into whether the judge’s administrative assistant perjured themselves by reporting an incorrect date on a certified mail summons served to the judge on November 2nd 2023. The district judge Paul Burmaster facing a potential felony charge under 2:23CV02471.

A second lawsuit names the Chief Judge of the District Court Charles Droege in 2:23-CV02536 for similar constitutional rights deprivation claims. And an alleged deception of the district court docket of his children’s custody case 18CV03813. This makes two judges now facing federal allegations.

A third lawsuit 2:23CV02491 shows filed against several Kansas attorneys and makes claim that a ‘machine’ of capital driven misconduct has been formed by theses attorneys misleads in the district court, similar to a racketeering scheme.

Another fourth lawsuit is against the Gardner KS Police Department and seeks $21.7 Million dollars for section 1985 qualifiers of civil action for neglect to prevent.

And the fathers federal pleadings suggest there may be fifth lawsuit coming against a Johnson county contractor who supervises the re-introduction of parents in custody situations and claimed Domestic Violence.

The lawsuits have sparked a firestorm of misconduct discussions about needed family court reforms and have highlighted potential issues like sex discrimination, fraud and bias in children’s custody cases. The outcomes of these federal cases could impact how family court cases are handled in Kansas and far beyond. It’s alleged that conspirator Judge Burmaster has a resume being discovered of felony crimes and over 100 counts of judicial misconduct.

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