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A Closer Look at Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center’s Innovative Approach to Addiction Recovery in Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH – Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center is a compassionate drug rehab founded on a model of care that prioritizes patient needs, quality, and affordability. The drug rehab center provides hope to individuals grappling with substance use through a range of innovative programs that guide them toward sustained sobriety and fulfilling lives. It is dedicated to using evidence-based practices, providing outstanding customer service, and using the latest research to deliver unparalleled assistance to those seeking recovery.

Among the programs offered at Cleveland drug rehab Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center is the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), a therapeutic approach to treating addiction in an outpatient setting. Participants commit to a 90-day program, attending weekly recovery group sessions where licensed counselors utilize evidence-based interventions to provide support, education, and assistance. The IOP philosophy revolves around meeting the unique needs of each client, considering factors such as age, previous treatment, and motivation for change.

The primary goal of the IOP is to empower and equip participants through psychoeducation and skill development. The rehab’s licensed IOP counselors offer both one-on-one individual counseling and group therapy, fostering an environment where participants can modify behaviors, achieve abstinence, and enhance their overall quality of life. With flexible class schedules, including day, evening, and telehealth options, Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center ensures accessibility for participants.

In addition to the IOP, Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center drug rehab clinic Cleveland offers an Outpatient Treatment Program that allows individuals to continue their daily routines while receiving less intense but highly effective treatment. This program encompasses individual counseling, group therapy, educational services, and recovery support groups. Outpatient therapy is tailored for those seeking to maintain sobriety, prevent relapse, and gain psychoeducation on addiction stages and emotional stressors.

For individuals requiring a more structured day program, Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center presents the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). This voluntary, day-treatment program offers intensive therapeutic care for adults dealing with substance use, emotional, and behavioral concerns. The PHP provides structured daily therapy, including skill-building and behavioral modification, within a supportive and confidential group setting. Following completion, individuals transition to outpatient settings for continued individual or group therapy.

Central to Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center’s approach is its robust assessment process conducted by Ohio Board Certified Licensed Therapists. This thorough evaluation, which takes around one to two hours, allows therapists to design tailored treatment plans that address individual needs and circumstances. Assessments are conducted Monday through Friday, with extended hours to accommodate diverse schedules. Saturday appointments are also available upon request.

Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center is dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome addiction and rediscover the joy of a life free from dependency. The center’s holistic approach, rooted in empathy, respect, and evidence-based practices, aims to guide individuals toward sustained recovery and a renewed sense of purpose.

About Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center:

Asurgent Health – Addiction Treatment Center is a leading provider of compassionate and innovative addiction treatment in Cleveland, Ohio. The rehab prioritizes a patient-centric model of care, recognizing the diverse needs of individuals battling addiction. The integration of evidence-based treatment modules ensures that individuals receive customized treatment that addresses the specific challenges they face on their journey to recovery.

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